$10 gorgeous bedside table

on Monday, March 4, 2013.

I had the busiest February ever this year. There were so many things happened and I've still got a ton going on! I never seem to be able to keep up with my blogging, sorry for that :s

However today, I'm dying to share with you our $10 (each) bedside table ... not a recent project, but something we (Hubby & I) put together some time ago but only write about it now :)

Introducing our lovely bedside table ...
Lovely, huh? Costed only $10 each. A visit to the furniture shop will make you spend at least $100 - $200 per table. 

But wait till you see what they really are:

Haha ... not so lovely now, eh? Hubby did everything himself from scratch. It was an easy project from him :)

Then, I made a fabric cover for it from remnants of my previous project to hide those 'imperfect details' ...
  So there you go. Living well isn't necessarily expensive and expensive isn't necessarily better.
Thanks for looking.

7 Responses to $10 gorgeous bedside table

  1. skema_ay

    Do you do tutorial for the fabric cover?

  2. Ria

    Hi skema_ay...unfortunately I didn't snap any picture while sewing it so I didn't do the tutorial for it. Here are some tips for you - when you want to cut the fabric, make sure the measurement is as the same as the table. This is because the fabric can be stretched to nicely fit the table. Another secret is to start sewing the sides first, the table top last. Good luck!

  3. Design_Fluff

    Very creative. It turned out nicely:)

  4. Nor Azimah Mohd Zain

    Thanks Ria, I have bought Marius stool from Ikea and would like to use it as a bedside table in my guestroom. Since the stool has round surface, it is difficult for me to plan in sewing the cover. But anyway, thank you for sharing the idea.

  5. O'gosh Iskandar

    I heart pretty stuffs too..and the minute i 'landed' here....i know that i'm gonna love you...keep up!

  6. Ria

    Thank you everybody. Encouraging words like yours are what keeps me going. Again, thank you...thank you...thank you :)

  7. Ashley G

    Love this project! Love the colors in the room also. =)

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