$10 gorgeous bedside table

on Monday, March 4, 2013.

I had the busiest February ever this year. There were so many things happened and I've still got a ton going on! I never seem to be able to keep up with my blogging, sorry for that :s

However today, I'm dying to share with you our $10 (each) bedside table ... not a recent project, but something we (Hubby & I) put together some time ago but only write about it now :)

Introducing our lovely bedside table ...
Lovely, huh? Costed only $10 each. A visit to the furniture shop will make you spend at least $100 - $200 per table. 

But wait till you see what they really are:

Haha ... not so lovely now, eh? Hubby did everything himself from scratch. It was an easy project from him :)

Then, I made a fabric cover for it from remnants of my previous project to hide those 'imperfect details' ...
  So there you go. Living well isn't necessarily expensive and expensive isn't necessarily better.
Thanks for looking.

2013!!? Time flies...

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I can't believe it's already the second week of January 2013! Time flies ... So, I guess it's time to give my blog a little makeover it deserves :)

As you can see, nothing much, really ... just a cleaner and more simple design. I tweaked the code a little bit and created a new logo which goes well with the color scheme of the entire blog *I guess* 

 Since I'm not really great in this, I'll be tweaking some more for the next couple of weeks to make it easier to navigate So, in the meantime, please bear with me until I get things right. I hope you like it.

Happy 2013, people ... I'm so sorry for the late wishes, but better late than never :)

Our new (2nd hand) retro chair

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We just bought this retro/ antiquy chair for RM70 from our favorite 2nd hand store to replace the old faulty chair :) I don't mind the price because a piece like this is really hard to find nowadays. It looks awesome with our retro mini desk.

We've been using the old chair for years and now that it's faulty + dangerous, we're kinda sad to have to let it go :( We bought it for only RM17 from a furniture store ...

So this is where I blog now ...

Or, sometimes on the couch ... just so that I can watch the television while blogging :)


Let's get organized ...

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I am so in love with my planners that I had to share it with all of you! 

Clean house planner
The above clean house planner template can be downloaded from my previous post here.

Badminton planner ... (we play badminton every week, so I made a schedule for it)
 The monthly planner template above can be downloaded at www.505-design.com for free!

I think I'm obsessed ;)

Thanks for visiting!

My cleaning schedule

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Keeping house is my major responsibility now and I'm still adjusting to the housewife role. I have to admit, keeping a household running smoothly (even without kids!) is not the easiest job to do. Since housework is never done, I now realized that I need a good system to get things done around the house. I mean, I don't want to be cleaning all day long and so I browsed through the net to find out how other housewives around the world adjusting themselves with the extra jobs that come with the role :)

Inspired by the Weekly Cleaning Checklist created by the beautiful Christina McLauchlin (who, by the way, inspired by the cleaning schedule on Little Green Notebook's blog), I've decided to also do my own cleaning schedule. By copying the design that Christina did, I tweaked it a little bit and added on a few other topics and put it on one single page. Turned out this schedule is indeed a life saver. With this schedule, I managed to keep the house clean, organized and beautiful without taking up most of my time!

Click here to download my cleaning schedule. Please email me personally (iheartprettystuffs@gmail.com) if you need the editable template. 

Thank you for reading and enjoy your weekend :)

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